Thursday, 31 October 2013

Forthcoming seminar in Riga

After quite a lengthy break our network is organising another research seminar to share the ideas and results of recent research in the sphere of capital cities development. 

The topic of our third seminar is 'Capital Cities: Embracing the Change and Tapping into Opportunities". We are organising it jointly with out wonderful partners at Latvia University and Baltic Inter-regional Development Hub.

After 5 years of dramatic changes in the global economy and a growing role of capital cities as the centres of creation, education, consumption and governance there are plenty of examples how different cities reacted to the global economic crises. Some harnessed it as an opportunity, others went with the flow and are seeing the depletion of their power and influence. What works and what doesn't in other countries? These are important things to know for those who are looking for the answers to their questions about future development of capital citesa across the globe. 

Please join us in Riga on the 13th of December 2013. Follow this link to access full Call for Papers. Deadline for submitting the abstracts is 17th of November.

Do spread a word among your colleagues who might be interested in joining our discussion and learn about new trends in capital cities' development.

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