Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Presentations from Kyiv seminar

We would like to share with you presentations from the recent seminar of RSA Research Network 'Four Years On: How Have Capital Cities Dealt with the Crisis'. We hope it will be useful and interesting insight into the development of some European capitals.

Here are presentations by:

1. Prof. Grzegorz Gorzelak, Maciej Smetkowski 'Global economic crisis - CEE perspective' 
2. Olga Mrinska Governance responses to the economic crisis. Case of Kyiv’
3. Dorota CeliƄska-Janowicz ‘City budget in the Crisis – example of Warsaw’
4. Olga Shevchenko  The capital of Ukraine intensifies the accumulation of resources again’
5. Tatiana Borodina Moscow 2012: the analysis of attempts of development regulations
6. Victor Chuzhykov, Veronika Orlovskaya ‘The global positioning of Ukrainian capital in European competitive model’
7. Tina Haisch, Heike Mayer, Fritz Sager ‘Evolution of capital cities economies: Towards a knowledge intensive and thus more resilient economy’
8. Liga Baltina ‘The use of place-based approach in boosting development. Case of Riga’
9. Volodymyr Shevchenko Post-crisis international financial linkages to the capital city’
10. Kateryna Nykoniuk ‘The post-crisis healthcare model in the capital city (example of Kyiv)’
11. Vasilis Kitsos ‘Riga and the global economic crisis’

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